Welcome to the Three Harbors Council Wreath Sale Site

Please use this site if you plan to pick up your order at State Fair Park. 
To sign up for the 2014 sale please click on Request a New Account on the upper right side of the page and fill out the information.
Your group can begin the sale September 19th and continue until the October 19th. Orders are due online (click Place a Group Order) by October 19. You can add/edit your order until November 7
  • One person from your group should be appointed to oversee the entire wreath sale and should be present at pick-up
  • Create a sales quota for everyone in your group. This can be a dollar sales amount or a certain number of items sold
  • Require that anyone not selling pays a contribution equal to 150% of net sales profit (i.e. a $300 sales quota equals a $450 contribution/buyout amount.
  • Use our email scripts available under Sales Tools on the website to send to prospects along with a brochure and sales order form 

Currently Featuring: Christmas Products

Christmas is the largest decorating holiday of the year. The tradition of using ornamental evergreen boughs goes back to the 16th century and its growth continues today. Noble Valley/Northwoods' Christmas products provide an annuity sale for your group as they encompass quality indoor and outdoor items so you can sell more to each customer. We offer fresh wreaths, garlands, swags, centerpieces, Yule logs,  in various shapes and sizes.

Noble Valley/Northwoods have three factories which manufacture our lines. Two factories are in northern Wisconsin and one is near Olympia, WA. We ship our products to our warehouse in West Allis. for distribution to our 400+ customers, mostly fundraising groups in the Midwest. We provide you with four color brochures, Excel software, and sales help to maximize your efforts.

At Noble Valley/Northwoods, we believe that the traditions of Christmas provide a powerful annual fundraiser for your group. Christmas will always be our most important time of the year to celebrate with our family and friends. A Noble valley/Northwoods Wreath sale makes these time all the more enjoyable.


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